As a fiscal sponsor, The Hub provides a nonprofit structure to support people or groups wanting to work on solving the critical issues facing our communities.  We value innovative programming which brings together diverse sets of people, asks difficult questions, and has the fortitude to work on sustainable solutions.

We believe inspiration and dedication are best served by leaving projects firmly in the hands of the individuals or groups who initiated them trusting they are best implemented face to face with the issues to be addressed.


The Hub for Direct Community Action’s mission is to provide a stable, personalized nonprofit 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship platform to individuals and organizations engaged in promoting positive, entrepreneurial, sustainable social action.


The Hub inspires creativity, empowers action, respects diversity and celebrates contribution as a venue for building a compassionate and well-balanced world.

We value mindfulness, generosity, empathy, beauty, adventure and dedication.

We can be counted on to provide for the fiscal and administrative needs of public benefit projects with integrity and services tailored to project need.