The Hub Board of Directors

Laura Gerhart

Laura has 30 years’ experience as a social worker and program administrator of nonprofit projects. She contributes systematic thinking and pragmatic action.  She has planned, funded and implemented many cutting edge and collaborative social service programs and has a steadfast commitment to individual contribution as a venue for recapturing community and addressing the needs of our most vulnerable.



Paul “Kelly” Keleher

Kelly brings a solid foundation of community leadership and creativity to the board.  He is a good listener, not afraid to say what there is to say, and is dedicated to bringing about workability.  His employment experience spans everything from real estate to small business management. He is responsible, willing to think out of the box and extremely funny.



Deborah Swan
Vice President

Deborah is a small business owner, activist, musician, and artist. She keeps her finger on the pulse of trends, information sources, and people who are making change happen. She brings attention to detail, enthusiasm, networking, intelligence and curiosity to the board. She is committed to action, life-long learning and community building.



Lisa Frankel

Lisa is a feet on the ground, creative thinker who listens well to what is said both straightforwardly and between the lines. Then, using her technical skills of assessment and practicality arrives at logical, workable conclusions. She describes herself as cheerful, easy going, busy, well read, friendly, extroverted, and I’ll add well-traveled. She is the Development Director at the Sierra Streams Institute which is a moderate sized environmental non-profit out of Nevada County. 


Helen Cavanaugh

Helen is a Public Law attorney who has worked in the non-profit sector for over 25 years. She is the mother of children with disabilities and has spent more years than she can count as an advocate for their well-being. She brings determination, wisdom, maturity and patience to the board. She is a soft-spoken powerhouse, heartfelt and a wonderful hostess.