Gratitude Page

“Every nonprofit organization requires the same basket of tools to be successful; nonprofit designation, efficient money management, a method for acquiring and raising funding, insurance, and a way to get their message to the universe of supporters and donors. The HUB is designed to do just that.” –Steve Boisvert, Community Collaborations International

The Hub wishes to sincerely appreciate and thank our founding project, Community Collaborations International (CCI), and its Director, Steve Boisvert, for their business and faith in our organization since its inception in 2011.

Steve inspired the idea of The Hub because he recognized fiscal sponsorship as a simple and efficient way to support people with the passion to make a difference realize their nonprofit dreams. Steve is a recognized leader in providing opportunities for youth to serve their communities and has over 35 years of experience leading and supporting service organizations across the country and across the planet. His vision and consultation have been significant contributions to The Hub’s development and we are grateful.


From reviewing contracts to helping us think through the intricacies of potential project activities, Gene Takagi and his team at NEO are always available to ensure we stay within the legal guidelines of 501c3 opportunities and restrictions. Because as a fiscal sponsor we consider all sorts of projects from many different disciplines, it is good to have experts in our corner and the attorneys at NEO are just that. We can't thank or recommend them highly enough!



We are forever grateful to Kevin Cookson and his staff for their unwavering support with getting insured, staying insured and understanding the insurance jungle. Never is there a question too small or too often asked for Kevin. He has been essential in training us about liability and how to manage it as a fiscal sponsor.