LifeOr offers safe, secure, comfortable housing and a supportive environment for parolees who have served life sentences. They do this by creating a ommunity that values personal honesty, responsibility, accountability, self-awareness, self- management, and caring candor.

Men working with LifeOr's housing and support programs must meet certain criteria. They will have used their time in prison to grow in maturity, sensitivity, sobriety, and insight through dedicated reflection, study, service, faith, and plain hard work. 

Upon release, even the most stable parolee’s work is just beginning. The modern world presents an array of new challenges and opportunities. LifeOr is dedicated to working with law enforcement and other service providers to ensure the men get the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual support necessary as they confront a new-world reality and successfully transition into the community.

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Project Manager: 
Bill Bartlett